Vintage Sake


In the same vein as a fine wine or champagne, we present our CAMBRIDGE sake in the spirit of celebration and commemoration; an entirely new way to enjoy sake. This is brewed as a kijoshu which has long been an integral part of sacred ceremonies and festivals in Japan. This rare and highly prized sake is ideal for laying down over several years as it matures well. Stored in the Fordham Abbey cellars for 3 to 5 years waiting for the day that special birthday or wedding arrives, this is a bottle that will be steeped in the history and romance that flows through Fordham Abbey itself.


The basic elements of sake are rice and pure water. However, in the final stages of brewing CAMBRIDGE, we use Dojima Sake JUNMAI instead of water. Sake brewed in this way is known as kijoshu and is first mentioned in manuscripts of the Heian era known as the Engishiki, an ancient document started in the year 905. Brewing in this way, the sake ferments slowly creating a wonderful balance between sweetness and acidity. The result is sake with a deep, rich flavour and a beautiful golden, amber hue.


We know that the anticipation as you wait for your CAMBRIDGE sake to be released will be considerable. To further increase your excitement, we would like to invite you into our cellar once a year for an exclusive tasting event to see how the flavour, aroma and colour is developing. This will truly convey the charm of ageing sake.


To properly appreciate the beauty of the colour of this sake as it ages, we have selected an exquisite transparent bottle. Each bottle will carry the name of the owner and key information carefully hand written by the brewers. The label can even contain a special message for that special person lucky enough to receive this sake. This CAMBRIDGE sake is a truly unique treasure, owned by a select few in the world.


CAMBRIDGE sake combines the great qualities of the world’s fine wines and champagne, and has the same sweet taste of luxury. After brewing, this sake has a rich, viscous sweetness which becomes lighter as it ages, all the time changing to a delightful golden, amber colour. Serve slightly chilled from a wine glass or at room temperature from a crystal tumbler. It is equally enjoyable as an aperitif or after dinner indulgence. However you drink this, with every mouthful you’ll taste the time and care taken to bring this remarkable sake to your glass.