What is Sake?

Sake, pronounced saké [sa-keh, not sa-key!], is a wonderful brewed, fermented beverage made solely from water, rice and a couple of special ingredients, yeast and koji. Koji is a magic mould also used to make shochu, miso and soy sauce. The role of koji is to produce enzymes and fermentable sugars in steamed rice which the yeast in turn converts to alcohol. One way to think about sake is ‘brewed like a beer, drunk like a wine’.


Sake is a complex drink to produce and relies on the skill and dedication of the brewers as much as it does the land, the water and the rice. That is why brewing sake is a true art form.

Nama Sake

Nama sake, or more accurately, nama-zake, is raw and unpasteurised making it fresh and zingy with great aromas. It is the hardest sake to get outside of Japan because it requires refrigeration and special care. Visit us at Fordham Abbey from summer 2018 where you’ll be able to taste the freshest nama-zake the UK has to offer in a beautiful countryside setting. Perfect!


Our original brewery was founded in the town of Tonda, which is located in northern part of Osaka, Japan. Tonda has been known for its sake production for over 600 years. Here in the UK, Dojima will produce authentic Japanese sake using traditional recipes that have been handed down from generation to generation.

Latest News

Kanji Window Spells Sake!Kanji window at Dojima Sake Brewery

Very exciting to see the special kanji window of the brewery take shape here at Fordham Abbey. The Japanese character 酒 means sake, a subject dear to our hearts here. We still have a few more months completing the brewery but it is going to look fantastic when it is finished. We open to the […]