Brewery Tour & Tasting – ‘Kikizake’


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The fresh, unpasteurised sake we serve on our tours and tastings, called ‘namazake‘ reaches new heights of freshness and flavour. Even for people who are new to sake, we believe that drinking this ‘namazake‘ in the serene atmosphere of the Fordham Abbey estate is the best way to enjoy the smooth flavour of this truly wonderful drink.

Tours last approximately 60 minutes. During the brewing season (Oct-Mar) availability and frequency of tours may be limited.

Please email our brewer Tony Mitchell at for dates and availability of upcoming tours.

Sold Out



Dojima is proud to present our brewery tours and guided tastings. It is our dream to introduce as many people around the world to sake and sake culture as possible. In the stunning setting of the Fordham Abbey estate, this unique brewery tour is like nothing available anywhere else in the world.

Dojima Sake Brewery Tour & Guided Tasting

You don’t need to fly to Japan to see inside an authentic working sake brewery. We’ll take you on a tour through the main production areas and share the secrets of how we turn rice in sake. Our brewer will walk you through the brewery to look at the process we go through to brew this fabulously elegant thing called sake. You’ll be able to take a peak at any new batches that are underway in our fermentation room. Next it is upstairs to our bar and visitor centre which is a beautiful environment in which to learn the basics of sake and to taste three fresh, unpasteurised types that are only available to people taking our tours. The bar area looks down into the main fermentation room and the balcony looks out over the wonderful English countryside. This is a very special way to enjoy this wonderful and often misunderstood beverage.

Duration: 60 minutes

Cost: £30